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About the Author

Roger Bach

I find myself writing about love… who would have guessed? After years of doing hard core “man stuff” like racing cars, motorcycles, martial arts, and taking life threatening risks; I find myself writing about love. I am with a woman who gives me unconditional love and inspirtation. I now find love coming out of me with such abundance that I feel I have to share.

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Keep Your Loving Relationship Young, Alive & Growing

Loving Relationship Skills

This is for people looking for true love, so you know what to do when the sparks start. In a new relationship? Learn how to keep it exciting. Been married for a long time? Learn how to have the feeling of love and passion you once had.

A Note From the Author

Same Gender Couples

I write about love and romance between a man and a woman. That is because it is the relationship that I am in. Love has no bounds. Love has no rules. Remember that you are responsible for your own happiness. That goes with loving yourself. You feel and experience joy by sharing and giving love.

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A Note From the Author

Singles Seeking Romance

First know that someone else cannot make you happy. If you think “I wish I could find a girlfriend or boyfriend. Then I could be happy.” NOPE. You are responsible for your own happiness. If you think someone else will make you happy, then you might start dating someone just because they ask you out.

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This is for singles looking for true love, so that they know what to do when the sparks start.
For couples in a new love that is still young and exciting; how to keep it that way.
For couples in older relationships that want the feeling of love and passion you once had.

Relationship Skills for
Singles, Marriages & Couples

How to Keep Love

Keeping Love New, Fresh, Growing

I have had an awakening through the unconditional love of a Goddess in human form. This woman that I am in love with now has all the components to inspire me to find the real me. She is a Princess to me, an Angel (which means a messenger). She is my greatest teacher of love without bounds or conditions. She loves me exactly the way I am. This way I can be myself. She is my lover at a level of intimacy that is seldom heard of and most of all she is my best friend. Because of her I have become interested in finding the real me. The real me without fear, anger or jealousy. The real me without self-suffering or self-pity, without the ego or false-self covering up the real me. And YOU can experience this in your love relationship; whether you are in a marriage or in a committed relationship – the love building skills I’ve learned can help you accept yourself so you can be present in your love relationship.

I am interested in keeping my love life new, fresh and growing. I now know that I am responsible for my own happiness. I now have my happiness. My greatest joy comes from giving and receiving love from my Princess.

Relationship Tools I’ve Discovered

Now that I have the unconditional love of a wonderful woman, I want to share the marriage tools and knowledge I’ve discovered of how to keep that love. I have developed relationship skills that keep love young, alive and growing. The relationship skills I practice every day are so easy, engaging and fun that I don’t understand why more people aren’t experiencing true love and happiness with their love partners. Well, actually, I do. I was in a long term committed relationship; a marriage. Looking back on that I can see the breakdown I experienced. I didn’t know that couples don’t need to understand each other; they need to love and accept each other for who they are. I didn’t know that men and women are so different and meant to be different. Men and women have different needs and feelings; that has always been so and that is normal. I am now thankful for the life lessons I learned from that marriage. I now know that I do not need to suffer. I now know about my happiness. I now know about love. I am especially thankful for the beautiful, wonderful Daughter from that marriage. Her inner light is so bright. She is a great inspiration to me.

Relationship Skills

I would like to give you, the reader, marriage skills – love building techniques for your relationship as a couple that outlines exactly what to do to bring marriage romance or keep unconditional love in your life. Not just an idea. Not just a suggestion (for example, pick a date night), but a step-by-step of what to do. Some of the techniques will be aimed at adjusting your feelings, emotions and thoughts. Some  techniques will be about finding the real you while some will be about becoming a more loving person, both toward yourself and your partner. Some will be about being physical and giving attention, some very intimate, some about learning how to celebrate the differences between men and women.

Just by reading my experience about committed relationships, shows that you have an interest in relationship advice and love has brought you here, so keep going. You will receive step-by-step instructions for keeping love young.